Joint filler and Plaster iDUC Pro-Finish

Ready-to-use joint filler and polymer finishing plaster - white iDUC Pro-Finish is used for finishing the interior. It creates an extremely smooth surface. In chemical aspect, it is a mixture of mineral compounds, polymer dispersion, chemical additives and water. Used for interior walls and ceilings in buildings.


Perlite Protect Board

Perlite Protect Board is a revolutionary thin perlite board with a two-layer mesh integrated in it. The board produced for the first time in Europe is characterized with amazing light weight, strength, fire resistance, waterproofing and soundproofing properties.


About Perlite

Perlite is a 100% ecologically clean material. There are many ways to use perlite but its main application is in construction. Due to its exceptional thermal insulation characteristics as well as its light weight perlite is widely used in thermal insulation products in the construction industry.


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