Perlite Comfort Board is a new revolutionary building material used in dry construction. It is installed in the same way as the standard plasterboards but offers many advantages:

Natural environmentally friendly product

Perlite Comfort Board is made of naturally clean expanded perlite which makes the product non-toxic, environmentally friendly and harmless for humans. Its environmental advantages are one of its strongest assets.

Light and strong

The main raw material used to make the product is the expanded perlite which itself is an exceptionally light natural product. Along with its small weight the product is characterized by its excellent strength which makes Perlite Comfort Board impact and pressure resistant.

Perfect soundproofing

Nowadays we are exposed to a great amount of noise from our surrounding environment, and Perlite Comfort Board gives us perfect sound insulation thanks to the expanded perlite structure. Tests show that a wall made of a 10-mm perlite board without additional mineral wool or fiberglass can reduce the noise by up to 40dB. The thicker the Perlite Comfort Board is the better its soundproofing parameters get.

High fire resistance and waterproofing properties

Perlite Comfort Board is an inorganic and non-combustible material which stays fire resistant for more than 4 hours. Moreover, the waterproofing properties of the product prevent the board core from bending, softening, breaking or colour change even in extremely humid spaces.

Thermal insulation

The inorganic and non-combustible material combined with the structure of the expanded perlite make Perlite Comfort Board a product of low thermal conductivity.