Perlite Protect Board is a revolutionary thin perlite board with a two-layer mesh integrated in it. The board produced for the first time in Europe is characterized with amazing light weight, strength, fire resistance, waterproofing and soundproofing properties. Its excellent characteristics make the product a leader in its field mainly due to the following properties:

Environmentally friendly product

Since the product is entirely natural, it is not only completely harmless for humans but it is also produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Light and exceptionally strong

Perlite Protect Board has a bulk density of less than 650 kg/ m3 and a strength of 3 to 5 times greater than products of the same density. This gives very high results in impact resistance and load bearing capacity tests.

Exceptional acoustic characteristics

Perlite Protect Board provides sound insulation of 26 dB. A wall built with 12mm Perlite Protect Board and 7.5mm steel studs, without additional installed fiberglass or mineral wool, can reduce the transmission of noise with more than 45dB. With increasing the thickness of the perlite board, the sound insulation is significantly improved.

Waterproofing and fire resistance

Perlite Protect Board is an inorganic non-combustible board of fire resistance of class A1. It stays fire resistant for up to 4 hours. Moreover, its waterproofing characteristics are much greater than the ones of the plaster boards. Placing a Perlite Protect Board in a highly humid environment will not destruct or change the colour of the board.

Thermal Insulation

The inorganic and non-combustible material the Perlite protect board is made of is also a bad thermal conductor, which makes the board a perfect thermal insulator.

Easy to install

Thanks to its great hardness and strength Perlite protect board is more reliable than other materials upon transportation. Boards are fixed to the surface by self-tapping screws or nails. Upon installation they are smoothed with a first coat to obtain a perfectly smooth surface.

Technical data sheet

# Index Norm Result Conclusion
1 Radionuclides internal exposure index IRA ≤ 1.0 0,14 ОК
external exposure index IRA ≤ 1.3 0,46 ОК
2 Density kg/m² ≤ 9,5 7,63 ОК
3 Tensile strength perpendicular to the length of the plate, N Average ≥ 400
min. ≥ 360
≥ 401
≥ 370
4 Tensile strength parallel to the length of the plate, N Average ≥ 160
min. ≥ 140
≥ 345
≥ 323
5 Hardness, N ≥ 70 256 ОК
6 Impact resistance Should be free of cracks after the test without cracks ОК
7 Water absorbtion, % ≤ 10 6 ОК
8 Formaldehyde, mg/L - without ОК
9 Shrinkage, % ≤ 0,50 0,06 ОК
10 Swelling in humidity 5 % ≤ 0,25 0,03 ОК
11 Thermal transmittance ≤ 0,25 0,08 ОК
12 Frost resistance -- Without cracking and delamination after 25 cycles of freezing and thawing ОК
13 Fireproof class noncombustible Class А1 (noncombustible) ОК

Installation instructions

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Declaration of performance

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CE Certificate

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