Ready-to-use joint filler and polymer finishing plaster - white iDUC Pro-Finish is used for finishing the interior. It creates an extremely smooth surface. In chemical aspect, it is a mixture of mineral compounds, polymer dispersion, chemical additives and water. Used for interior walls and ceilings in buildings.

iDUC Pro-Finish formes constant strong foundation that can be painted or covered with wallpaper.

iDUC Pro-Finish can be applied on all mineral building foundations and old layers of paint - including oil and emulsion paint - on a constant, clean, dry surface. Low cost of subsequent paint. The product is ideal for coating and bonding/jointing of gypsum board panels. Level of quality of the treated surface Q1- Q4.

We all want our home to make us feel calmer, make us feel more relaxed and recover us from the daily stress.

Construction biology is a science that studies the influence of the environment on human beings and consider any matters relating to a healthier home.

Technical Data Sheet

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Declaration of performance

Here you can download the Declaration of performance of iDUC Pro-Finish Download